Thursday, 24 March 2011

There's nothing more annoying than this...

So Here I is, Riting A Blog, in da mosttt anoyin' way dat u or eny1 cud eva tink ov!
U c it All Ova Faceybee, And U Carnt Help But Tink. Did U eva Go 2 Skool?!
Dis Blog iz nt 2 Offend ch'ya Or Ur Family. Jus' a Lil Bit Ov Funnn! Innit.

1. Why Do People Insist On Putting A Capital Letter On Every Single Word In The Sentence?!
2. Whhyyy Du Ppl Feel daaa Neeed Too Add Xtra Vowels and Constanents On The endd of words? Do u needd a new Keyboarddd or somting Blad?
3. Du yu Reelly need 2 Change 1 letta of a hole nu word jus' so it luks diffrent bt sounds da same? e.g. of to 'ov' Der iz no point realii!
4. I amm nt bein' funni bt do u spell words rong on purpose?
5. R u typn on a kybrd wth n0 v0wl kys? Rding ur stts iz nt a cryptc pzzle?!
6. We all lik 2 sound asif we r frm da ghetto every nw n agen bt cum on, dnt shout ur mouf off on Faceybee wit ur sarcasm den u carnt even luk my wayyy as u wlk past me in da street. U get me blad? Keep it shat!

Basically, what I am trying to say, there is no harm in a bit of banter. It makes so much more funnier if you type in proper english with the correct punctuation and grammar. Plus typing in any style above is just so much of an effort!

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