Thursday, 24 March 2011

There's nothing more annoying than this...

So Here I is, Riting A Blog, in da mosttt anoyin' way dat u or eny1 cud eva tink ov!
U c it All Ova Faceybee, And U Carnt Help But Tink. Did U eva Go 2 Skool?!
Dis Blog iz nt 2 Offend ch'ya Or Ur Family. Jus' a Lil Bit Ov Funnn! Innit.

1. Why Do People Insist On Putting A Capital Letter On Every Single Word In The Sentence?!
2. Whhyyy Du Ppl Feel daaa Neeed Too Add Xtra Vowels and Constanents On The endd of words? Do u needd a new Keyboarddd or somting Blad?
3. Du yu Reelly need 2 Change 1 letta of a hole nu word jus' so it luks diffrent bt sounds da same? e.g. of to 'ov' Der iz no point realii!
4. I amm nt bein' funni bt do u spell words rong on purpose?
5. R u typn on a kybrd wth n0 v0wl kys? Rding ur stts iz nt a cryptc pzzle?!
6. We all lik 2 sound asif we r frm da ghetto every nw n agen bt cum on, dnt shout ur mouf off on Faceybee wit ur sarcasm den u carnt even luk my wayyy as u wlk past me in da street. U get me blad? Keep it shat!

Basically, what I am trying to say, there is no harm in a bit of banter. It makes so much more funnier if you type in proper english with the correct punctuation and grammar. Plus typing in any style above is just so much of an effort!

Apologies and excuses...

Dear Blogger friends, here I am again apologising for neglecting you.
I still love you :) a little ;)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One new message recieved...

''I love you darlin'. Just thought I'd tell you before I went into work. I miss u xxxxxxx'

Well that certainly brightened up my day : )

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

If I won the Lottery...

I often wonder about this, what I would, could and should do with an immense amount of money. That reminds me I haven't checked my lottery tickets yet from last weekend! :3 It's funny really, whenever I go up to my nans for a cup of hot chocolate or just pop for a chat, we ALWAYS seem to talk about this subject.

I know any amount of money of that number would make anybody's life easier because the fact of the matter is that everything is evolved around how much something costs! But, winning the lottery in the Wilson household would actually be better than 'the best thing to happen in this world', words would not be able to describe.


The first thing that I would do....

1. I'd grab all the letters out of cabinet which my mum hides away which all have 'over due' and 'debt' stamped in red all over them, ring up every single company and say the words, 'I'd like to pay this debt in full, now'. No please, or thank you. The sooner this is done, the better. Then my mum won't hate answering the phone, or dreading to opening our mail box.

2. I'd buy my mum new windows in our house, every single one, the one front window looks like it's going to fall out if a fly lands on it, then buy a new house out of Cheswardine, hate that place with a passion. A place where my pooch has got plenty of space to run like a whippet round and round. A place where there are no nosey effers watching and clocking your every move.

3. Buy myself a car. Enough said.

4. I would buy a Macbook, it's almost an necessity doing a graphic design course. I could probably afford one now but I can't justify £1299 flying out of my bank! I think I would actually cry when I read my bank statement.

4. I have never been on holiday abroad so I would go away for a month to a place I have always wanted to go. That place would be venice.

5. look for my own flat/house place to live. This would be just perfect...

A blog is for life not just for Christmas...

Had a rather busy few weeks with completion of uni projects, but D-Day arrived and they're all submitted, thanking the Lord. So, I am sorry to you guys for neglecting you! x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Listography 5 foods I love.... (as inspired by Sam)

10. RED grapes - It has to red grapes, none of those 'greenun's'

9. Vanilla yoghurt - A nice cool sensation which clears the palette (sound like some posh food critic)

8. Garlic Bread - It would be one of my favourites but the after effects of garlicky breath brings it wayyy down

7. Chocolate Bourbon biscuits - Always good with a mug of hot chocolate to finish off the day quite nicely.

6. Mushrooms - don't particularly know why I like them. But my brother always says, 'It's not a proper fry-up if you haven't got mushrooms.' Which is true!

5. Spagbol - Just a right good dinner!

4. Strawberries - need I say why I like them, you can have them with Chocolate! ;D

3. Kitkat Caramel Bars - The best chocolate bar out!

2. Chicken Korma - I'm a lover of taste not spice!

1. Sunday Roast - A roast with ROAST potatoes, pork, stuffing, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower and a splash of gravey. That's what sundays are about. And nobody does it better than me nan <3