Thursday, 3 March 2011

Listography 5 foods I love.... (as inspired by Sam)

10. RED grapes - It has to red grapes, none of those 'greenun's'

9. Vanilla yoghurt - A nice cool sensation which clears the palette (sound like some posh food critic)

8. Garlic Bread - It would be one of my favourites but the after effects of garlicky breath brings it wayyy down

7. Chocolate Bourbon biscuits - Always good with a mug of hot chocolate to finish off the day quite nicely.

6. Mushrooms - don't particularly know why I like them. But my brother always says, 'It's not a proper fry-up if you haven't got mushrooms.' Which is true!

5. Spagbol - Just a right good dinner!

4. Strawberries - need I say why I like them, you can have them with Chocolate! ;D

3. Kitkat Caramel Bars - The best chocolate bar out!

2. Chicken Korma - I'm a lover of taste not spice!

1. Sunday Roast - A roast with ROAST potatoes, pork, stuffing, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower and a splash of gravey. That's what sundays are about. And nobody does it better than me nan <3

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